The Knotty Furniture is a Delhi based online furniture design house meticulously fabricated by Aditi Agarwal and Jiten Mehta. Ours is a brand that manufactures all the furniture in house.

“The hands of a craftsman engaged in his craft are always pure.”

We desire to provide you with the furniture that meets your expectations and requirements, blended with our exclusive designs, impressive delicacy and splendid craftsmanship. Our aim is create high quality elements that can compete with any of the expensive brands out there. Adhering to our work philosophy, we believe in providing our products at affordable prices while keeping the quality of material and work intact. Those of you yearning for ultimate sophistication and finesse, The knotty furniture is the place for you.

Looking forward to serve you!

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Co-founder and Creative head

Aditi Agarwal is a Delhi based interior designer. Her knack for choosing the right colors and textures directed her interest into the field of Interior Designing. She has worked on an array of projects including residential, commercial as well as retail sector. Aditi pursues a collaborative process that seeks to integrate design ideas and functionality into a unified and economical design. She finds her inspiration from challenging tasks and consistently getting things done.


Co-founder and Creative head

Jiten Mehta, is an Interior Designer, born and brought up in Haryana. He moved to Delhi at the young age of twenty, where his passion for creativity, art & aesthetics allured him into taking up interior designing as a career. The diversity of projects that he has worked on, has honed his wide range of skills from optimum utilization of space to implementation of design bearing in mind the interest and needs of the client. He is best known for his sophisticated and refined designing.

We believe there is a very special synergy when two alike minds collaborate to work on their passion. It is their bold spirit and colorful dreams that has brought our team together. Their unique relationship and understanding provides for a viable environment to create and innovate.